Monday, May 21, 2012

May 2012 Tags Received from Velma (

Hi Everyone...I wantd to share the tags that I received from Velma's May Tag Swap.  I went out to the garage this past Saturday and had the big garage door open and guess who came pulling in.....the Mail Man.....I was so excited!  The little ones was still at Grandma's from their overnight stay and I had the video camera set up and ready!  The only downfall to the whhole thing is uploading to YouTube!  Blah, Ugh!  I had been using this windows live program and it would upload to YouTube for me but the videos have to be less than 10 minutes.  I had been upped to videos longer than 15 minutes.  I swear that it took half a day to upload 2 videos.  So, now I have to decide when I do videos if I want to kkeep them at the smaller segments and do more or if I want to do the longer videos and take the whole day for them to upload....decisions...decisions...LOL! 

A Big Thank You and Hugs to Velma for the beautiful Hostess that she is and the amazing and hard work she puts in to give us this chance to do what we love and be able to share it with others.....Love Ya Velma!!!!!

 I am working with a new tripod and still have not yet figured out the exact place for the video camera so bear with me....LOL!

A big hug to all of you that participated in the swap...I loved all my tags and goodies!  You are truely the Best!


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