Friday, April 27, 2012

May 2012 Velma's Tag Swap My Tag & a Baby Girl mini album I am currently working on

Hi Everyone...It was good to get my tags completed for the swap I have been so looking forward to. When that envelope comes in the mail it is like christmas and you can't wait to rip it open to see what is inside.

I got my tags and goodies done so now I am working on a baby girl mini album-I got a lot of ground work done now is time for all the pretty stuff to start building on the pages....although as chunky as it is already hopefully it will not grow to much more.

Wow...I wish  would have known from youtube before  starting to record my videos that they can now be longer than 15!  I thought they had to be 10 minutes or you can tell I need a bit more practice on making the videos and uploading!

 I will make a new video on the finished album as soon as Ican get it completed...See you all soon! 

Hugs, Jen


  1. Hi Jenny, watched all 3 videos, the tags are gorgeous!!! The mini is beautiful! I love your blog! Welcome back, we've missed you. Hugs, Velma

  2. Hi Jenny, I participated in the May Swap through Velma with you.. Can I say your tags are beautiful and the case that you put them in is priceless. I was quite shocked at the beautiful tags I received and realized I need to step up my game. I hope to participate again and wanted to thank you sooo much!